What's on the drawing board?

I decided to add a blog to my website so I could share things with you from my view as an artist and art teacher. It is my intention to fill this site with artists, exhibitions, art history and of course, artwork. There is so much good stuff happening that I hope you will be inspired to dig even deeper and contemplate the nature of human expression in the visual arts.

Occasionally I will take you into my studio and show you what I have "in progress." For the large part these short stories will be told from the cutting board, the drawing board, or the easel (if I should decide to take up bronze casting we will add "the foundry" to the list.)

Tonight I will take you to the drawing table to see what is currently consuming my time, a giant pen and ink drawing of a pear. I have been obsessed with the pear shape lately and decided to create a work that would hang seamlessly with my cut paper pieces. My plan is to create several large scale drawings of simple objects. I actually use a drawing table to work on this piece but I hung it up on the easel so I could get a better view!

Pen and Ink Drawing 26" x 22"

#studio #art #penandink

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